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Home Attractions

Everyone can find a ride in Superland, especially the young and the young at heart. Toddlers will enjoy the different carousels, the magical swan boat ride on the river, the Congo experience, the Ferris wheel and plenty of other rides; Young kids will ride the bumper cars, go to the Indian Grand Canyon and the Loop 2000 roller coaster. The big kids will have a great time with the bungee, pirate ship, Kumba. At night, everything is lighted up with lots of colors to create a feeling of an everlasting party.

It is a must to visit the lottery cabins, to try and toss coins, sharp shoot with a rifle or hit cans and win a giant teddy bear! In between stands you can relax and have a drink or a delicious meal in one of the snack bars around the park. The beautiful souvenir shop contains a variety of gifts and souvenirs like: dolls, T-shirts, hats, cameras and other accessories that will always remind you of the fun times you had. The park has a giant concert stage in which we arrange shows in Passover and the summer vacation. It is possible to have special concerts and different events

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